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Q. When I see an Income Activator page I want to change, what is the quickest way to get into design view?

A. Note that every Income Activator page has a unique 5-digit number.  (See screenshot.)

  • Memorize that number
  • Open ANY Income Activator page in editing view
  • Replace the page number with the number you memorized
  • Press the Enter key
  • Make your changes and save

Q. How do I change a YouTube video into an animated GIF?

A. Go to the MakeaGIF web page and follow the instructions.  Animated GIFs of 5 seconds or less are free.  There is a charge for longer GIFs.

Q. The text is flush against a picture. How do I make some space between the text and an image?

ADouble-click on the image.  Then: 1. Click the Style Builder tab.

2. Click Border

3. Click the drop-down box to choose where you want the blank space

4. Enter a number such as 14 to show the width of the margin you would like.

Q. I’m using some very complex numbered lists within numbered lists.  Suddenly they stopped numbering properly.  What should I do?

A. This particular subroutine breaks down after a while.  Using the software is much more convenient than doing things manually.  But, there will come a time when you simply have to do it manually because it is too complex. YouTube volume off

Q. Suddenly YouTube no longer gives any sound.  Why not?

A. You most likely accidentally clicked on the sound icon (The one in the image with the “x” beside the speaker graphic).  If removing the “x” does not work, read the article called How to Troubleshoot a Mac Computer with No Sound.

How to Troubleshoot a Mac Computer With No Sound

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_5927912_troubleshoot-mac-computer-sound.html

Q. How do I change the thumbnail of a Wistia video?

A. Let us say this is your video URL:


You want to get a thumbnail from 5 seconds into the video. We change the
.bin to .jpg and append ?video_still_time=5 to it, like this:


Q. Refresh Firefox to prevent Yahoo from showing up.When I go to certain pages in Firefox, the page shows up for a while.  Then after a few seconds it switches to the Yahoo browsing page.  How do I stop this?

A. The solution that worked for me was to remove extensions and themes that did not originally come with Firefox.  You do this by going to the Firefox reset page and clicking on Refresh Firefox. Follow all of the other instructions.

Q. How do I add an HTML code snippet to an Income Activator page?

A. Look at the HTML code snippet here.   The code surrounded in green is the Pinterest code snippet.  You can get it from the Pinterest website.

Inside each of the little red boxes you will find an HTML tag.  The tags come in pairs.  The second one has a slash (/) in front of it.  The important thing to remember is that you cannot add new code between two other beginning and ending tagsIncome Activator control panel in HTML view

Hover over PinIt buttonAfter you have copied your Pinterest code into your clipboard, open up your page code in HTML view.  Paste the code snippet at the very bottom.  Then, whenever you hover over an image on the page, you will see a “Pin It” button in the upper left-hand corner.   Then, whenever someone with a Pinterest account clicks on it, they can add the picture to one of their Pinterest boards.

Q. PayPal personal account upgrade to a business accountHow do I upgrade my personal PayPal account to a business account?

A. From time to time PayPal changes the layout of their pages.  So, you will have to take the following 4 steps and adapt them to the present PayPal layout:

  1. Log into your account and Click ‘Profile’ near the top of the page.
  2. Click ‘Update’ in the ‘Business Information’ section.
  3. Click ‘Upgrade’.
  4. Enter your business information and click ‘Submit’

Q. Safari username passwordWhen I go to incomeactivator.com/users/ in Safari, my email address and dots for a password automatically show up.  How do I reverse it?

A. This is the auto-fill feature that all browsers have.  It only works on your computer; it will not work on anyone else’s computer.   You can disable in the settings for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and others.  For instance, in Safari you click Preference > Passwords.  Highlight the password-username combination you don’t like and click the Remove button.

Q. An advertiser wants me to paste a code snippet into the header of a page.  How do I do that?

A.  Open up the page in question in your control panel.  Click the Advanced Settings tab.  Then

  1. Scroll down to where it says Header Code.
  2. Paste the code snipper into the box.
  3. Click the save button.

Q. How do I change the logo in my header?

A. Income Activator account settingsYou may want to use GIMP to change the look of your logo.  Regardless of how you do it, you must have your new logo resident in your hard drive.  Go into your control panel and click Your Account > Account Settings.  On the left of the page it will say Website Logo.  Click on the Browse button and select you logo from your hard drive.  Click Update at the bottom of the page.

Note that the maximum size of the logo is 650 x 120 pixels.

Q. How do I schedule a Facebook post?

A. This can be done in your Facebook pages but not in your regular timeline.  In a Facebook page you make your post and then click on the drop down arrow beside “Publish”.  Click “Schedule” and you will be given a box where you fill in the date and time when you want it to be published.

Q. How do I permanently delete files from Google Drive?

A. Watch the YouTube video below.  Pause frequently and takes notes.

Q. What is “Facebook remarketing”?

A. Remarketing works by following your leads around the web with related
offers. When a user visits your website they are “cookied” or tagged. To
remarket to these visitors, a code is placed on the page that the user
visits, which then triggers your ads to follow that cookied user around
the web, whether that be on a social media site or on various websites
across the internet. So when you see ads on different pages you visit, it’s remarketing.

Facebook also more commonly refers to remarketing as “Custom Audiences.”
The concept is a bit more refined than the above.  Someone visits your site or interacts with
your brand, they’re tagged with a code you implement to track them.  Then, while they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed, your ad pops up.                       More

Q. What is “evergreen content”?

A. Evergreen content on a web page is content that will be relevant long after the post has been made.  It helps with SEO.

Q. How can you tell if someone recently place an order in your Income Activator store?

A. There are 3 ways: 1. In Income Activator, view orders by going to Your Store > Store Orders in the top menu.
2. Check your PayPal account to see if you have received any payments.
3. Go into your bank account to see if you have received a credit card payment from MSI.

Q. How do you set up a CSS file in WordPress?

A. See blog post.

Q. How do I link to my blog from main WordPress menu?

A. Create an empty Page and assign it as the Posts page in Dashboard->Settings->Reading.

Q. WordPress Media Library fuzzySuddenly the pictures I download onto my WordPress page are too small.  When I expand them, they are fuzzy.  What’s wrong?

A. When you click on Add Media > Media Library, the right-hand column has a section called Attachment Display Settings.  You must make sure that the size drop-down number is large enough.

Q. How do I add code to the header in WordPress?

A. This is an example of adding code to the header of a homepage called laserphoto.ca.

Log into my web host (LiquidNet Hosting).

files > file manager > laserphoto.ca > wp-content > themes > twentysixteen child > header.php.
Right-click on header.php add the code near the bottom.

Note that it is important to have the changes in the child folder.  That way, when there are changes to the theme, I simply update the parent theme and the child theme will have all of the updates.

Q. How do I allow YouTube to play ads in front of my videos so that I can earn money from them?

A. While you are in your YouTube account, click the appropriate channel icon in the upper right-hand corner.  Then click the gear icon.  Then click View additional features > Video manager > Edit button for the video you have in mind > Info and settings > Monetization.  Move the “Monetize with ads” switch to the right like you see in the lower left-hand corner of this picture.

Q. What is the proper way to begin publishing an article on LinkedIn?

A. Go to your LinkedIn home page and click on the “Publish a post” button.

Q. How to I find out how much I’ve earned from Google AdSense?

A. Search online for “Google AdSense”.  That will link you to google.com/adsense. Go there.  You may have to enter your username & password.

Q. How do I embed a YouTube video onto a web page?

A. 1. Right click on the YouTube video you wish to embed.
2. Click on “copy embed code”.  That copies the embed code into your clipboard.
3. Go to the page to which you wish to embed the YouTube video.
4. Find the spot where you wish to insert the video.
5. Memorize a phrase near there that is probably unique to the page.
6. Look to the page in HTML view.
7. Press Cmd F and type in the memorized phrase.  It will be highlighted on your page.
8. Go to a point directly after a closing HTML tag and press Cmd V to paste the YouTube code.

9. Change the width and height if you wish.  The maximum size I use is 660 x 371 pixels.

Q. How do I move a banner ad from the top of a page to the bottom?

A. In design view, click on the “page ads & AdSense” tab.  Click on the dropdown box where it says “your own ad position”.  Change that from “top” to “bottom.  Click the “update” button.

Q. How to control what introductory picture (thumbnail) will show up when people go online and find a YouTube video.

A. While on your YouTube page, click on your icon in the upper right-hand corner.  Make sure the channel with the video in question has been selected.  Then click Gear icon > “view additional features” > video manager > dropdown arrow beside video in question > info and settings > custom thumbnail.  Your picture folder from your hard drive will show up.  Double-click on the picture you want and then “Save Changes”.


Q. What are some keyboard shortcuts on a Mac?

A. Euro symbol — Option shift 2
Take picture of entire screen — Cmd shift 3
Take picture of rectangle that you create with your mouse — Cmd shift 4
Cmd Z — Reverse the last command (very useful)
Save — Cmd S
Cut — Cmd X
Copy — Cmd C
Paste — Cmd V

Q. If I want to jump to the middle of a page, what HTML code do I use?

A. Let’s say the you have a few paragraphs about Pinterest in the middle of page B.  You want to jump to that article from page A.  On page B you would insert what is called the “anchor code”.  The most descriptive word would be “pinterest”.   So, you would add this code to the place you wish the visitor to land on page B:

<a id=”pinterest” name=”pinterest”></a>.

The hyperlink code on page A would have #pinterest added after the final slash of the page B URL.

Important note: Do not simply copy and paste that snippet of code into your  source code.  You may be bringing in some extraneous code.  What I do is copy and paste that snippet of code into my source code in HTML view.  Then I type out that code right after and then delete the snippet that could have some extraneous code in it.

Q. How do I stop my TwentySixteen sub-menu items from going off the left-hand edge of the page?

menu off edge of pageA. This question refers to the Blog tab you see in the attached screenshot.  The term “social media” is highlighted and the sub-menus are clipped at the left-hand edge of the page.

Add CSS to TwentySixteenAdd the Simple Custom CSS plugin to your WordPress website.  Click the “Add CSS” link and add this code:

#menu-item-363 li:hover > .sub-menu {
  left:203px !important;
  right:auto !important;

This will cause the Blog menu to open to the right so that they will not go off the edge of the page.

Menu item number black borderNote that you needed the menu item number to fix the problem.  To find the menu item number, find nav id in the source code.  Examine the code below that to find the number for the tab in question.

Q. How do I add a Facebook “like” box to my blog?

A. Read the article on the Wix.com website.

Q. What is the WordPress Search Meter plugin?

A.  It’s a plugin that tells what your visitors have been searching for.  It will not work unless you have a Search box on your blog.  It also shows you:
♦ Which searches have been unsuccessful.  (To find the statistics, go to Settings > Search Meter and then Search Meter near the top of the page.)
♦ What people are searching for. (So that you can create new posts on those topics.)
♦ What the most popular searches are. (You can filter words so that search terms containing these words will not show up.)
More info.

Q. I want my home page graphic to go all the way across the screen.  How do I remove the sidebar?

A. Go to the home page in design view.

You must click on a link with the words “Custom CSS”.  If you do not have a CSS plugin, it may  be a matter of going to Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS.  Then add this CSS code

#primary {
    width: 100%;
#secondary {
    display: none;

Then save it.

Q. Should I upgrade to El Capitan?

A. You first should ask yourself what programs are essential for your work.  Then make a Google search that would give you peace of mind.

For instance, in my job I am dependent upon ScreenFlow, Skitch and GIMP.  So, I asked Google, “Does El Capitan work with ___?”  I filled in the blank three times and found that it seems to work perfectly with ScreenFlow and Skitch.

However, this is what I found regarding GIMP: The usual advice given on the forums now is just to start Gimp running and then leave it alone – don’t even touch the keyboard or the mouse, just get up, walk away and go do something else for at least an hour. (Yes, really!) When you come back, Gimp will probably be up and running and you will then have no further problems.

Also, before you upgrade to a new operating system, ask Google, “should I upgrade to ___?”  You want to see what others have posted on social media.

Q. How do I edit closed captioning in a YouTube video?

A. Perhaps you made a typo or some other mistake in your closed captioning.  To edit it, open Video Manager and go to the video that needs editing.  Go to Edit > Subtitles & CC.  Under My Draft click English.

Edit closed captioningYou will see all of the closed captioning blurbs you have added so far.  To edit one of the blurbs, click on it and a red bar will show up to the left.  To make a change, simply enter the change in the box.  Immediately the change will have been made.

To delete a box, click the “X”.  To add a new blurb below the selected one, click on the plus sign.

Q. How do I log into my WordPress dashboard?

A. Go to your home page.  Add /wp-login.php after the URL and press your Enter key.   Fill in your username & password and press your Enter key.

Q. What’s the largest attachment I can add to a gmail?

A. The largest attachment you can get from your hard drive is 5 MB.  If you need to attach a larger file, add it to Google Drive and attach it from there.  You can attach a file of up to 10 MB from Google Drive.

google-drive-icon-in-gmailTo attach the large file, click on the Google Drive icon.

The size of the entire gmail with all attached files cannot exceed 25 MB.

Q. How do I add a photo to the BODY of an email?

A. Use Gmail.  Drag the photo from your hard drive into photo-icon-in-gmailthe body.  If you would like more control, you can use the Gmail photos icon.

Use Mac Mail.  With your cursor inside the body of the email, click the paperclip icon and select the photo.


Q. How do I temporarily change the “From” address of an email I send from my Mac?

A. After opening Mac mail, look at very top of computer screen.

  • Click on Mail > Preferences
  • You will get a panel with these icons at the top
  • Click the Accounts icon
  • Make sure Accounts Information is highlighted
  • Write out all of the Alias information on scrap paper
  • Click dropdown arrow in the Alias box
  • Click Edit Aliases
  • Change Alias information to temporary “from” address
  • Send an email to yourself to test your change
  • Send email from temporary address
  • Go back into Preferences and change Alias back to what it had been originally.


Q. After I have registered a new domain name with a domain registrar such as WhoIs, how do I make it show up on LiquidNet Hosting?

A. 1) Change its name servers at the domain registrar end to:


2) Add the domain as hosted in your account. To do so you need to go to My Domains -> Hosted Domains menu( https://us.cloudlogin.co/domains/hosted/ ) and click on the Host Domain button. In the pop-up menu that appears you need to fill in the exact domain name in the text field under “Domain” and click the Add a Host button.

(Please note that after changing the DNS setting, it can take up to 48 hours for the numbers to propagate and be picked up throughout the world wide web.)

Q. How do I password protect a file?

A. This is a multi-step process.  LiquidNet Hosting does not have a system for password protecting a file per se.  You must insert the file into a folder and then password protect the folder.  This is what I tried at first:

  1. Find the file you wish to password protect.
  2. View it in edit mode and click the “text” tab.
  3. Select any part of it and press Cmd/A to select all of it.
  4. Cmd/C to copy into your clipboard
    1. Cmd/V to paste it into a new text file
    2. Save into desktop computer with descriptive name
  5. Open LiquidNet Hosting control panel
  6. Click the Files tab and then double-click the website you wish to work with
  7. Click “new folder” at the top of the page
    1. Give it a descriptive name (no spaces allowed; use hyphens instead)
    2. Click “Create”
  8. Click Advanced > Password Protection > New Password Protected Area
  9. For the host name, select the website with which you are working
  10. Click Browse & then select folder you want
  11. Give yourself a username & password, write them in a secure area and click Add PPA button.
  12. Click Files > Files Manager and select website
  13. Click Upload new files, select file from step 4 above and click Upload New Files button
  14. Click Upload and double-click folder to make sure file is in it.

This did not work right because the permalink settings and rewrite rules of the WordPress website were conflicting with the password protection commands set for the /www/freewebdesign.club/YouTube-Module1 directory.

Use subdomains, for example YouTube-Module1.freewebdesign.club for which you will be able to set proper operational password protection. After this you should only migrate the content of the subdirectories with your components into the root directories of the newly created subdomains.

Create a subdomain:

  • Go to My Domains -> Hosted Domains menu
  • Click on Create a Subdomain button. Menu will appear where in the text field next to Hostname.
  • Fill in the subdomain name, for example YouTube-Module1
  • Choose freewebdesign.club from the drop-down menu to the right
  • Press Add a Host button to create the subdomain.

Q. How do I upload a photo from my desktop to Instagram?

A. I use Deskgram.

  • Enter your Instagram username & password.
  • Click the camera icon at the bottom of the panel
  • Drag and drop your photo from your Finder to the new panel
  • Drag corners of the photo to size it,  click a bottom photo to make changes
  • Click green check mark
  • Make comment with 1 or 2 #keywords in first comment window
  • Enter at least 11 #keywords in the second comment window

Alternately, you can use Gramblr.