How to Create Super Effective Facebook Ads

Tips for much better Facebook ads

On this page we will cover

  • The biggest mistakes people make with Facebook ads.
  • What moves people to action.
  • How to get impossible numbers
  • Why to jump at Instagram.



Biggest mistakes people make with Facebook ads

  • Treating Facebook ads like a numbers game. (If I place enough ads, people will start buying.)
  • Thinking it’s all about the sales funnel. It’s really more like 50% figuring out strategy and 50% funnel & website.
  • Overcomplicating the process. Should be something like          Good FB ad –> Lead capture –> Sales page –>Profit.
  • Not having a 2-part shopping cart.
    • Most people abandon their shopping carts.
    • So, first part should collect contact information.
    • 2nd part should collect credit card numbers.
    • If they abandon cart, contact them & keep relationship going.
    • Have a Facebook pixel.
  • Not reinvesting enough in advertising
    • As money comes in from PayPal, use as much as half of it to increase advertising budget.

What moves people to action?

Why people look at YOUR ads

It takes just a few good ads to make huge numbers of sales (if you have the right product).

2 things to focus on

  1. Understand audience.
  2. Message in ad should move audience emotionally into action.

To understand your audience, you may have to concentrate on one demographic at a time. For instance, the ebook we are promoting is called How to Serve Customers with Disabilities.

That ebook could be useful to many different demographics — restaurant managers, hospital staff, government office workers, etc. In order to have an effective advertising we decided to start our campaign by aiming at restaurant managers.

We created an entire website aimed at restaurant managers. The Facebook target market was restaurant managers. Videos in the Facebook ads were aimed at restaurant managers.

In order to get the audience emotionally involved, I go to and carefully search for images relating to the ebook. Note that the lower-quality images are free and the higher-quality images are cost money and are more plentiful.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

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Ad creation

  • Create Facebook ads that don’t look like ads
    • E.g., a video that helps solve a problem
      • My video will help solve the problem of training staff to make disabled people feel welcome.
      • This in turn well help solve another problem: increasing the customer base
  • Take time to understand your audience.
    • Go through what is available to you in Facebook advertising.
    • Include and exclude the audience you want.
    • Using that demographic, figure out what would appeal to them.
  • Video should be educational enough and move their emotions enough that audience trusts you.
    • AFTER they trust you, they can go with to the highly educational landing page you have prepared for them.
  • If possible, make your videos around 15 seconds. However, getting your point across is more important that the number of seconds.
  • You want to build an emotional relationship with the audience.

Ad must achieve at least one of these: