Embedded Forms — AWeber Review

Creating embedded forms

In this article you will learn how to make embedded forms using AWeber.

I have tried other software for creating embedded forms. This is why I like AWeber:

  • You can begin with a 30 day free trial.
  • First rate tech support.
  • Once you learn it, software is easy to understand. (If you have trouble understanding anything, go to this AWeber FAQ page.)
  • When people add their first name & email address to my form, they are immediately given a Thank You/Welcome page. (It has animated GIFs etc. that get them enthusiastic about the course.)
  • Within 5 minutes they are emailed first lesson of course.
  • That Thank You/Welcome page could have an ebook attached if I wished.
  • I can specify a number of days or weeks in the future that I want to automatically send my subscribers follow up emails.
  • I make money with affiliate products. For instance, my YouTube tutorials use a $99 software called ScreenFlow. It’s what can add so many special effects to my videos. Each time someone buys ScreenFlow, I get a $15 affiliate commission. I also get a small affiliate commission each time someone buys AWeber services from my affiliate link.
  • The AWeber website includes an app for making very attractive and professional-looking sign up forms.
  • Suppose you want to know what form or which ad is working best for you. You can name your various forms and track with ones work best for you.
  • Test your emails before you send them out. Send emails to yourself & find out exactly how your emails will look to your visitors before they get them.
  • Split two ads at once. You can create two forms with different colors, images or even products. Run them at the same time and see which converts best.
  • Get a confirmation email each time you get a new subscriber.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

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How to create an AWeber embedded form

I used this AWeber tutorial to show me how to add a background image to a form.