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May I introduce to you a concept for increasing your customer base.

Did you know that 13.7% of Canadians have a physical or mental disability that impairs their daily lives? As a businessman myself, I would have a hard time ignoring that demographic.

I have a plan to help you tap into that market share.

I have cerebral palsy. It is really interesting how uninformed and uncomfortable people are at serving people with disabilities. I have been in a number of embarrassing and uncomfortable situations.

For instance, in one restaurant I could not manuever my wheelchair in a disable washroom because it was used to store highchairs. In another incident, I was told that I’d had too much to drink. The problem my cerebral palsy. I hadn’t had anything to drink!

In response to problems such as these, I collaborated with a nurse and a writer to create an ebook entitled How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. It is a manual designed to teach and inform employees and management in a wide variety of industries how to make people with a diversity of disabilities feel welcome.



Testimonial from Sarah at Bamboo Chopsticks Express

Whenever someone starts working here, they are required to read an employee manual. From now on, any new employee will also be required to read the disabilities manual, How to Serve Customers with Disabilities.  They will also have to do the three online quizzes related to the manual.

That manual is valuable for relating to people with a wide variety of disabilities. After reading it, I realized that my idea of relating to certain people was wrong. For instance,

Sarah, Bamboo Chopsticks Express Restaurant Manager,
Kelowna, Canada