Domain Name Email, How to Set It Up

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What is a domain name email?

domain name emailA domain name email is an email address that ends with a domain name. For instance, you may want your personal email to go to one inbox and your business email to go to another inbox. Let’s say that the domain of your business is Then sales related emails could be addressed to

Example of setting up a domain name email

In this example, your domain name email would reside in your web host’s mail service. For a web host, we will use my favourite one, LiquidNet Ltd Hosting.

We will use a domain name registration provider. Our example will be WhoIs.

MX records

You will need a  mail exchange record (MX record) to direct your email to a particular mail server that accepts email on behalf of a domain. Your MX record will be in the DNS area of WhoIs. These MX records will be and .

These MX records will cause your email to go to your inbox at LiquidNet.

Setting up your MX records

These are the steps you would take for setting up your MX records with WhoIs. Click on:

  1. Account > My Account in the top horizontal menu.
    2. My Orders.
    3. The domain name in question.
    4. DNS Management in the right-hand column.
    5. Manage DNS. (At this point you have to wait a while.)
    6. Your domain name.
    7. MX records.
    8. Add MX Record. (Add sales@ or whatever you want in front of the domain name. Do not fill in any other blanks unless you know what you’re doing.)  I’m stuck here.Add record.
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