Directory Advertising

Online advertising

You can help local contractors with their online advertising. At the same time, you can make a good living from it.  Watch the video to see  how you can set up directory advertising for contractors.

Best ways to earn money online

  • Ten revenue streams built into Income Activator
  • Directory advertising most profitable
  • Example on right and in video above is for painting contractors
  • We will tell you how to earn money online with directory advertising for
    home improvement contractors
  • This example: ONE lead sent to each of TEN contractors.  EACH ONE of them pays you $10 for a total of $100

Earn money online fast

  • In
    this business model: For each ONE VISITOR who
    fills out a form, paid by EACH ADVERTISER on
    the page!

Visitors shop for quotes

  • People looking for contractors go online to get best quote
  • Send your
    visitors to advertisers on your page who pay you for
    privilege of bidding

One page for each trade

  • On home page, can have link to contractors involved
    with some aspect of home improvement
  • Let’s say you are very
    familiar with contractors in your city involved with each of these
    • Air conditioning
    • Electrical
    • Heating
    • Home remodeling in general
    • Kitchen remodeling
    • Painting
    • Plumbing
    • Siding
    • Stucco
  • Could have a page or a short group of pages devoted to each trade

10 advertisers per page

  • Let’s
    say you allow maximum of 10 contractors per page
  • You would
    allow only reputable contractors on your website
  • Earn money online big time
    • Reputation of being the place to go for trades information

Earn money online with a painting page

  • Has a list of painting contractors
    •    For each of the other trades, comparable list
  • Each contractor page would have a form like one on left
    •    (Income Activator makes it very simple to make your own customized forms.)
  • After visitor fills it out, automatically sent to each painter
  • They would EACH pay you, say, $10 for privilege of bidding
  • After visitor submits form, they can click on links to find more about each contractor
  • Painters would likely consider this to be cheap advertising

$100 per visitor

  • 10 painting contractors x $10 per lead = $100
  • You would make $100 from that ONE VISITOR
  • If you had two visitors per day, that would be $6000 per month!
  • With nine different trades, should be easy to get two visitors per day

Income Activator does the work for you

  • Income Activator tracks leads and makes the invoices for you
  • You can make money while on vacation

Already have your own website?

  • If you already have your own website, can still use Income Activator software
    • To send out and track leads
    • To help you with your online advertising

How much does this all cost?

  • EVERYTHING you need to create website, have it hosted, create 10 revenue streams for yourself, etc. for only $30 per month

Not only for contractors

  • This directory advertising program is not only for trades people
    •    Can be used by graphic designers, interior designers, cell phone companies…
    •    The list goes on

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