Apple Keynote, Use It to Add Special Features to Your Videos

Apple Keynote is a free application

Apple KeynoteIf you use a Mac, you should not be without Apple Keynote. You can get it free from this web page.

Apple Keynote index

With Apple Keynote you can add all sorts of different formatting to text or images. Below is an index of Apple Keynote features. When there are two numbers separated by a comma, that refers to the video below entitled The Many Features of Apple Keynote. The numbers refer to the point in minute & seconds where the feature shows up.

  • Animate text or images … 0,59
  • Arrange images behind or in front of … Click here.
  • Colour, adding to text … 0,29
  • Formatting text … 0,19 and 0,44
  • Images, dragging & dropping into a slide … (Click here.)
  • Instant alpha to make part of image invisible … (Click here.)
  • Moving text including on a curved path … 1,03
  • Slide, adding a new one … Click here.
  • Speech bubble, adding & editing. (Click here.)
  • Text, adding …0, 12



Arrange text & images

To arrange position of objects in front of or behind one another, follow these steps:

  • Select object to be arranged.
  • Click Format > Arrange.
  • Click Back or Front.

Add a new slide & drag image from Finder

  • To add a new slide, click the plus sign near the upper left.
  • To drag an image from the Finder,
    • Click on the image,
    • Hold your mouse key down,
    • Using the mouse, move the image from the Finder to the new slide.

Rotate an image 

From time to time you may want to rotate an image. In the animated GIF above, someone wanted to make the text horizontal. These are the steps to rotate an image:

  • Select the image.
  • Click Format.
  • Click arrange.
  • Manipulate the Rotate button in the bottom left of the panel.

Instant alpha to make invisible

Instant alpha is a way to make similar colours invisible. Here a picture of a couple at a beach is overlaid with a picture of a rose. Follow these steps to make some parts of the top picture invisible:

    • Drag the main picture onto  a Keynote slide.
    • Drag another picture on top of that.
    • Click the Format button.
    • Select the top image.
  • Click the Instant Alpha button.
  • Hold left mouse button down and drag cursor through areas of a similar colour.
  • Click blue Done button.
  • Click Arrange.
  • Turn Rotate button to get the best image.

Adding a speech bubble

Watch the animated GIF above as you use these instructions to create your speech bubble:

  • Drag a picture of a person onto a slide.
  • Click Shape icon at top of page.
  • Click on one of the two speech bubbles.
  • Drag one of the tiny white squares to size it.
  • Click Format > Style.
  • Click Fill & change the colour to white.
  • Click Border > Line.
  • Hover over green dot on pointing part of speech bubble. When it becomes a cross, drag it to the person’s mouth.
  • Click text icon at top.
  • Double-click on “text” that shows up on slide.
  • Key in the words the person speaks.
  • Select the words.
  • Change size, colour, etc. of text.


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