What Google AdSense does

    • Easy-to-achieve online advertising
    • Allows website developers to place
      automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements on their websites
    • Ads targeted to the website content and audience.
    • PPC means Pay Per Click
    • Web developer gets 68% of ad cost each time a visitor clicks on them

Which ads go where?

      • Google decides where to place ad
      • Based on content, geographical location and other factors


      • Above is a PPC banner ad
      • It is related to page content

Webmaster’s obligations

      • Insert snippet of Javascript code on page
      • Google gives that code
      • Google will not allow using phrases like “click on my ad”
      • Webmaster may intersperse content with RELATED high value long-tail keywords
      • However, be careful when using keywords
      • High suggested bid keywords result in more valuable ads
      • Watch YouTube video below entitled How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings in Four Days
        • A good system for increasing online advertising revenue
      • Watch videos on this page and take good notes

Getting started with Google Ad Words

      • Some people make lots of money advertising with Google Adsense
      • Some people make much less than they were hoping for
      • People who make more money with this online advertising tool are the ones who
        • Do their research
        • Form a plan and then
        • Follow it
      • Start your research by watching the YouTube videos below

Google AdSense Ads into Income Activator

      • Go to the tabs at the top of your Income Activator page
      • The tab on the left says Page Content
      • Below that are the tabs in the illustration
      • Click on tab that says Page Ads & AdSense
      • Happy online advertising!





A LinkedIn post says: Exact-match anchor links are outbound links which use primary keywords as their clickable element. So, if I was placing multiple links for a diamond retailer and wanted to try and manipulate
Google, I could use buy diamonds online as link anchor text.

Websites have been penalised for holding large portions of exact-match anchors. Never create an artificial-looking link profile.

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