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(Last Updated On: March 3, 2018)

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A report by Cisco tells us that, by 2019, 80% of global Internet traffic will be online video. More than half of Americans who visit Facebook every day watch at least one video.  That means that you, someone in your organization or a service supplier of yours MUST be able to make good video ads.

All of the social media items on this page link to a blog post that tells people how to make videos for Facebook video ads.  If you want someone to learn how to make videos, have them study this tutorial about the creation of Youtube videos.

YouTube online video

Ideally the Facebook video ad message will be less than 21 seconds.  People have short attention spans on Facebook.

The sample YouTube video at the bottom of this page has a message 19 seconds long.  A Bitly URL is then played as a stationary image for several seconds.

High profile comments on video ads

Snapshot advertising a threat?

The CNBC website says

Snapchat logoBy now, Facebook and Google are well-established as the must-buy platforms for digital advertising. But as Snapchat grows in popularity, especially among millennials and Gen Z, it will become a more important part of the landscape, say industry insiders.

But for now, the startup — which was valued as high as $22.7 billion in late May, according to TechCrunch — still has a way to go.   Read more.

Facebook vs. YouTube

The Tech Insider website says

Chewbacca MaskThat video of the lady wearing the Chewbacca mask? It’s been played over 150 million times

If Candace Payne — “Chewbacca Mom” — had gone that viral on a YouTube channel, she could’ve made a chunk of change in ad salesRead more.

Amazon Video Direct vs. YouTube vs. Facebook vs. Netflix

The website says

if you are a content creator, you have more distribution and monetization options that offer scale than at any point in human history. Second, the industry is evolving at a rate that promises everything will have changed by this time next year.   Read more.

Facebook video ad with no video

The Janet E. Johnson website says

Video ads work and sometimes you don’t have a video available. Videos grab people’s attention and tend to be less expensiveRead more.

SlideShare presentations

A SlideShare presentation is a group of related slides like the one you see in the sample below.  People share on SlideShare in a similar way they would share on Facebook or Twitter.  Starting at the fourth slide, you are allowed to have a link to a web page.  If you hover over the “blog” link in the horizontal menu on this page and scroll down to SlideShare, you can see links to several SlideShare posts.  The link to the first one gets you to this page.

IF you have eye-catching pictures, you can expect to get more visitors than you get on social media like Facebook & Twitter.


Pinterest is a social media in which users visually share images such as this one about how to create an online video. An image (usually a group of pictures and text in one single graphic) is called a ‘pin’.   People pin their pins on their own or other people’s boards.  (A “board” is a folder that is a collection of pins with a common theme.)

For more information about Pinterest, hover over the blog link in the horizontal menu in this page and scroll down to “Pinterest”.

Google Plus

video ads

Google Plus is a social medium that has a number of different features that people may or may not use.  This includes:

♦ The ability to post photos and status updates to interest-based communities,
♦ Group different types of relationships (rather than simply “friends”) into a number of different Circles,
♦ A multi-person instant messaging,
♦ Text and video chat called Hangouts,

♦ Events,
♦ Location tagging, and
♦ Ability to edit and upload photos to
private cloud-based albums.

To see an example about online video ads, go to my Google Plus social media marketing page and scroll down until you see the picture of the three orange darts.  To learn more, go to our Google Plus blog page.

Facebook pages

A Facebook page is a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations.  See our Facebook page telling people how to create an online video ad.  Scroll down to see the post with the orange dart you see above on this page.

video adsTwitter

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”.  The image (which in this case has been lengthened) takes up exactly 23 characters.  It will usually link to a URL which always takes up exactly 23 characters.  Go to our Twitter page and scroll down until you see the orange dart image.  Notice that the link has been changed to a descriptive Bitly URL.  It links to a page that tells how to make an online video ad for Facebook.


LinkedIn is like a Facebook for business people.  So, if you can create an article aimed at business people, this would be a good place to display it.  Look at this example.

Notice that there are a number of very high quality pictures there.  This will encourage people to read your article.  I buy inexpensive Adobe Stock images to make my articles interesting.

To write your article, go to your LinkedIn home page and click on “publish to post” near the top of the page.  That will get you to the page where you can start writing.  You may want to use a photo manipulation program such as GIMP to create your 700 x 400 pixel image.


         Schema Markup
Facebook logo
Schema Markup           


SlideShare presentation

YouTube video used in Facebook video ad



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