How to Make a Website Secure with SSL

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2020)

Let people buy securely from your website

SSLWhen people buy from your website, they will be looking for signs to make sure that their credit card and other personal information is protected. They’ll be looking for a URL beginning with HTTPS to make sure their data is encrypted. They’ll be looking for assurance such as the image above. In other words, they’ll be looking for an SSL certificate.

How to buy an SSL certificate

To buy an SSL certificate, go to your web host’s website to see if it is possible to buy one there. Otherwise you will have to make an online search.

SSLI use LiquidNet Ltd Hosting. To buy my latest certificate, I clicked on My Domains > Order SSL Certificate and then clicked on the drop down menu to choose the domain name that needed securing. After that it was just a matter of filling in the blanks. After that I had to get tech support to help me make it active so that the “S” would show up after HTTP. Then I made sure an SSL certificate logo showed up.

What an SSL certificate does

SSLWhen people buy things from your website, they obviously submit personal information such as a credit card number. This information must travel through several computers.  An identity thief could be using software that makes his computer appear to be your computer.

If you have an SSL certificate installed in your website, the identity thief will be unable to capture your encrypted data.

Advantages of having a certificate

One advantage of buying your certificate is that the money will go to you rather than some hacker. However, the main advantage is peace of mind for your customers. When they see your HTTPS or see your certificate logo, they are much more likely to feel secure enough to buy from you.



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