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More tips for increasing social media exposure

Interview a niche leader

Interview one or more niche leaders and publish it.  They will appreciate the social media exposure, especially if it goes viral.  This can cause your campaigns to go viral.

How to get traffic

Main goal of any social networking site — Get maximum amount of traffic.

truck stuck under a low bridge♦ Entertaining
photos/videos — Funny/sad/thought-provoking photo or video that people
feel compelled to share with others.  Make sure your brand is on it.

♦ Give away something for free — could be a how-to video, a report, an e-book, an interview, a page of valuable information — anything that people find interesting or useful.  Include distribution rights so that people know it’s okay to  pass around.

♦ Find out what your audience is lacking and provide it.  You want the information to be so useful that they will share it with their friends on social media.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

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♦ Social Media Campaign — Build a number of social media profiles and link them together before you start your campaign.  (See What is a Platform?

♦ Facebook — One of the main advantages of FB is having a place
that links to other articles and media.  For instance, each post on my
granite pet memorials Facebook page links to a blog on my website.

♦ Twitter — Like Facebook, you can link to other articles & media.  If you are linking to a blog post, try to make sure you have catchy headlines and relevant and useful content. You want to try to make sure that your posts are so interesting that people will share them.  If you go to my blog posts (e.g., Prison-Drug-sniffing-Dogs or Second-Twitter-Account) and scroll down, you will see how I use Twitter for my table of contents.

♦ Blogging — Here you write a regular post (at least once a week) on one of your areas of expertise.  The idea is to get a huge following from people with similar interests. The idea is to NOT blatantly advertise to them.  That way people will stop following you.  Try to make your promotions subtle.

Always allow comments in your blogs.  That helps you to understand the personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. of your readers.  Use your blog to start two-way conversations with some of your followers.

social media YouTube analyticsVideos — Use lots of videos and photos.  Most
people would rather watch videos than read text.  Find yourself a good YouTube tutorial and start creating short videos for YouTube.  You want people to share your videos.  So, use some good software to help you make it entertaining, polished and shareable.

Make sure you do an Internet search for “YouTube insights” to get amazing analytics about who is watching your videos, how many minutes they are watching each one, the percentage of each gender, etc.

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