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(Last Updated On: January 5, 2018)

Free photo editor?

The $47 PhotoEditorX package is a “free” photo editor called GIMP.  GIMP is a program that a group of programming volunteers created to more or less do what PhotoShop does.

You could say that GIMP is free. The $47 pays for over 3 hours of tutorials, 200 pages of illustrated manuals and easy-to-follow guides. And, you can do so much with GIMP that it would save you a great deal of time by having the manuals and so on.

I’ve been using GIMP regularly for the past couple of years and I really like it and use it a lot.

PhotoEditorXFor instance, I need GIMP to make proper Twitter posts.  A good Tweet usually has a picture accompanying it.  That way a person gets way more views.  However, parts of an image are often cut off unless the picture has the proper aspect ratio of 2 wide to one high.

When I send out a Tweet, I usually use GIMP to change the dimensions of the image.  (See Don’t Crop Twitter Image.)

I got the “free” copy of GIMP a year or two ago and, in retrospect, I can see how PhotoEditorX is a better deal.  “Free” is in quotation marks because, in my case, the download was accompanied by all sorts of advertising.  There were a number of popups and other promotional items.  When I uploaded pages to my website, some of that advertising even went onto my website.

It took many hours of my precious time trying to get eliminate the malware.  I finally found a free program that removed it.  However, that software is no longer available.

Also, it took me a long time to learn how to use it effectively.  With the PhotoEditorX tutorials, manuals, etc., I could have learned everything much more quickly.  So, if you could use a photo editor, I recommending shelling out $47 for the PhotoEditorX package. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Download Now button to buy now.

Time-lapse video

Edit pictures like the one below in 5 minutes with photo editing software.  Click here & scroll down to watch a time-lapse video of a photo being manipulated.

Award-winning photo editing software

Edit pictures like a pro


This remarkable award-winning software is just as powerful as PhotoShop CS3 without the steep learning curve involved.  Also, the price is much lower.  When you edit pictures, you can:

♦ Change hair color
♦ Add highlights to hair
♦ Change eye color
♦ Remove pimples
♦ Remove freckles
♦ And much much more.

Comments about PhotoEditorX

“ Possibly one of the best photo editor software pack we’ve ever seen. At the price they’re offering, you’ll be crazy to pass this up. ”
Photo Review Magazine

“Powerful. Fast. Intuitive. These are just some of the things that are being said… a must-have for anyone who wants to edit images.”
Maximum PC Magazine

PhotoEditorX with video training & tutorials

  ♦ PhotoEditorX
is a complete photo editing software and training suite that includes GIMP & 3 hours of
advanced video tutorials.
all-in-one industry-leading photo and image manipulator, enhancing
makeover software for Window
s and Mac OS X.

Includes 200 pages of illustrated manuals, 25 video training tutorials over 3 hours and step-by-step easy to follow guides.
Jam packed with huge features that carries all the strengths of Photoshop CS3
  ♦It provides the user with the same features and operation of Photoshop WITHOUT a steep learning curve
  Is used by professional organizations like Linux & industry magazine companies

Suitable for beginners and professionals – Edit photos easily and quickly with “push-button” technology and video tutorials.
♦ Unlimited license – Pay for it once and use it on as many computers as you like.  (This is opposed to PhotoShop that charges you monthly or annually and you keep paying.)
♦ Stand-alone software. Compatible with Photoshop CS files and Dreamworks files but these programs are not required.
♦ Export/Import and work with multiple file types that includes .RAW,JPG,GIF,BMP and more.
♦ You can use it to edit photographs and other graphics.  Or, you can create stunning graphics from scratch with it.
♦ Can be used to create animated images

How much does it cost?

As of this post, PhotoEditorX can be downloaded for $47.  And you can use it on as many computers you like.

Learn more and/or buy now

Click here to learn more about PhotoEditorX™.   Slowly scroll down and stop when you see something interesting.   Make sure you watch the videos.  After you have read about the features and read the testimonials, click on the Download Now button to buy now.

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