How to Install WordPress with Your Web Host

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2018)

Web host

how to install WordPress Gears 401This blog post tells you how to install WordPress using LiquidNet Ltd Hosting.  Their starter plan costs only $35/year.  Installing WordPress is simple if you follow the instructions below.  Installing WordPress is complicated without the instructions.

Getting started

♦ compare-plansGo to the LiquidNet Ltd Hosting website.
♦ In the Starter column, click Start Free Trial.
♦ Fill in the account owner details
(♦ Pay your $35 after your free month is up.)
♦ Log into your new account.

how to install wordpress

♦ Click Installer > Applications Installer. 
♦ That will get you to a page that has a few dozen different applications that you could install.  Click on WordPress.
♦ Using Settings > General, delete the word wordpress after the domain name.  But, make sure the slash (/) stays where the “wordpress” was.
install wordpress Settings > General♦ Fill in the tagline box.
♦ Press the blue save button.
♦ (For the WordPress website you are on right now, both the WordPress address and the site address is
♦ Using Settings > Reading, make sure your front page is set as a static page and the front page box says Home. Remember to click the Save Changes button.
♦ Using Settings > Permalinks, change the common settings to Post name.
♦ Using Users > All Users, Change the Admin user name to increase security.

How to Install WordPress menus

You will have one horizontal menu that you will create using a WordPress app.  The other menus for the various categories of topics will be pages.

New Post Media Page UserBefore I continue, you must know the difference between posts and pages.  When you click New at the top of WordPress, you must decide if it will be a post or a page.

Every entry into your blog should be a post.  Categories blogging etcThese entries are listed in reverse chronological order.  You should select categories for them so that people can find each blog post on a particular topic.

Pages on the other hand are static, they are not listed by date and do not use categories.

That’s enough background information.  Now go to the blog post on how to create menus.





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