How to Email an Ebook to Your Customers

How to compress your PDF file

This was amazing. My ebook was compressed from 1.63 MB to 695 KB in less than one minute.

I went to the Smallpdf website, dragged the PDF file into the red drag & drop box and downloaded the 695 KB file into my downloads folder.

Create PDF file on web page

Some email filters may filter out emails with attached PDF files. So, as well as attaching a PDF file to an email, it is a good plan to also have the ebook in a web page as a PDF file. You can send the link to that PDF page in an AWeber Thank You page.

Read this PDF FAQ to learn how to create that page. After you have created that page, you will see a link like the one in this image beneath the title.

Click on that link. You will see the page with the PDF file in it. Shorten the web address by changing  that page to a bitly address with a descriptive name. I changed mine to

Some of the people who buy your ebook likely will not be very technically versed. So, you want to make things as simple as possible. I suggest you include instructions on how to print out the PDF file.



Special note about role-based email addresses

Role-based email addresses begin with things like sales@, info@, help@ and support at. They are often used in spam emails and are filtered out by companies like AWeber.

This means that if you have a role-based address attached to your PayPal account, you should change it. Go to this help article to find out how to do that.


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