How to Improve Cybersecurity for Mobile Devices

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2018)

 Cybersecurity and your smartphone

cybersecurityA business person can often work more efficiently if they go online with their smartphones & other mobile devices once in a while. However, that does present a cybersecurity problem.

Links, files, photos, contacts and other company data are often stored in the mobile device. Using an Evil Twin phony hotspot or a Firefox Tamper Data plugin, it may just be too easy for hackers to download these data from the hotspots you are using.

Solution: VPN

Faithfully using a VPN (virtual private network) can virtually eliminate this threat. VPN companies usually have servers in a number of different countries. Before ever going online, you open up your VPN and select a country.

You are then given an IP address for that particular country. Then you go onto the Internet. The VPN encrypts the data before it passes through the Internet. Then it decrypts it when it reaches your computer.

cybersecurityThis GIF is an illustration of a user in North America getting a Finish IP address. Even if a hacker was able to decrypt your data (extremely unlikely), he would not know from which country you came.


cybersecurityI used NordVPN to find an IP address in Finland. Then I used to find a map and other details that tell where my temporary IP address is located.

I like NordVPN because:

  • They have a free 3-day trial
  • They have servers in 61 countries
    • If their service is too slow, I simply choose another country
  • They are in Panama
    • No government surveillance
  • Unlike some other VPNs, they keep no records about where you surf on the web
  • You pay for ONE account and can use it on a total of 6 devices
  • With NordVPN, mobile employees can securely connect to company resources from virtually anywhere in the world. This applies even with insecure Wi-Fi hot spots.


Cybersecurity will be at a high level when you faithfully use a VPN with your mobile devices. Your company financial, customer and other sensitive information will be kept secure. Your employees can increase their productivity and keep things private at the same time.

NordVPN is my favourite VPN.

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