How to Find a Creator of Amazing Animated GIFs

Some of my recent animated GIFs

GIFsAs a VA (virtual assistant), I can research and write blog posts for you. I can also create YouTube videos & animated GIFs like the ones below.

Free YouTube course home.gif


Creating a Pinterest pin.gif



Aging Reversed 3 Pictures.gif


Many social media.gif



VA animated.gif


Real men.gif



Describes your day.gif


Keynote text effect Squish Flame.gif


YouTube black text to colour


7 Day logo Bitly.gif



Learn YouTube housewife.gif


Animated GIFs and marketing

Hybrids & CTA

The animations above are like hybrids between still pictures & videos. So, if used properly, they can tell a story more powerfully than still pictures.

Like still pictures, they can easily have a CTA (call to action). For example, if you click on the GIF above, you will be directed to a place where you can get a free YouTube video creation course.

Don’t be intrusive

A properly constructed animated GIF will guide the viewer to have the right marketing action or attitude without being intrusive.

Different viewers can tolerate different amounts of movement without being distracted. So, have enough movement to attract their attention without preventing them from reading your article.

Emotional impact

People buy for emotional reasons. Create your animated GIFs to create the right emotion.

This masterpiece from Cinemagraphs will connect with the audience emotionally.

I cannot say enough good things about Cinemagraphs. They are a creative studio specializing in the production of cinemagraphs, from concept to creation.

If you want super high-quality animated GIFs, ask Cinemagraphs to make them for you. Even if you do not want an animated GIF, go to their website now. Just consider it art appreciation.








GIFsPeter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a VA (virtual assistant), social media blogger and author of a free YouTube tutorial. It’s called 7 Day YouTube and will teach you how to make entertaining videos & animated GIFs.


Social Media Manager’s Suggestions

Create an Animated GIF


The left-hand portion of this image was at the top of one of my blog posts.  Even though it said, “click here”, only one person clicked on it.  By combining that image into an animated GIF, I am hoping to increase my click-through rate.The above animation is telling people to click in a much more powerful way than the still picture ever could.  If you are into online marketing at all, it is important to learn how to make animated GIFs.

The purpose of the above animation is to create more calls to action (CTAs).  A good animated GIF can increase the CTAs without being too distracting.

Explain things in seconds

Watch the animated GIFs on this page. See how very complicated concepts can be explained in just seconds using an animated GIF.

Create your animated GIF in 6 steps

1. Choose the pictures you will usebuilt-in-effect

2. Set up your story on Keynote


3. Choose the effects you want

4. Using ScreenFlow 6.x or better, record your Keynote slide presentation

5. Edit ScreenFlow video to maximum size of 500 x 500 px. & shortest time reasonable.

screenflow-export-menu6. File > export. Set preset as animated GIF.  Click
on export button.



Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


11 Tips to Enhance Your YouTube Video Quality


Video Quality start-your-own-business-click-hereI wanted to make a YouTube video to complement my blog post about how to start your online business.   The purpose of the video was to get people to the post. I had 5 main points I was trying to get across.
Watch the video below.

11 secrets  for adding video quality & making some boring points memorable

The 5 points are in abbreviated form such as “paid advertising” and “build a list”. If I would have simply listed those 5 points, most people would have closed the video before they watched it all. I had to enhance the video quality.  So, here’s what I did to make it interesting.

1. Bought the “start your online business” graphic from Adobe Stock.
2. Used the Keynote effects to give movement to the text.
3. Had additional smaller text to give more meaning to each of the 5 main points.
4. Video Quality start-online-businessHad a Keynote “spin” action on graphics that came from the blog post.
5. At the end I added the URL of the blog post that corresponded to the video.
6. I set the Keynote slides to “play” and recorded them with ScreenFlow.
7. Edited the video using ScreenFlow.
8. Using ScreenFlow, I recorded the text as an audio file.
9. Added the individual audio clips to the video.
10. Went to the YouTube audio library to find free music to use in the video.
11. Used the audio ducking feature to soften the music during the speaking parts.

I’ve made those boring points into a quality video.  At this point I simply uploaded it to YouTube.



Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Presentation Software by Keynote

Animator for videos


Keynote is the Apple presentation software corresponding to PowerPoint.  (For buying information, etc., go to bottom of page.) It can be your animation creator:

♦ Animate your text.  In this example,presentation software Bouncy textit comes bouncing in beneath your picture.
♦ presentation software Photo spin outAnimate a still photo.  In this example, the photo spins out of the video.

How to use Keynote in 9 steps

The example below describes the production of an  introduction for a credit card fraud video.  The Facebook ad in the fraud says that people can get a free trial bottle of Garcinia cambogia.

All they have to do is pay for shipping and handling.  IF they look at their credit card statement a few weeks later, they will see that they were charged full price for the supplement.  Not only that, but they will be on monthly auto-ship.

1. Open Keynote

2. Select theme

I selected the white theme.

3. Clear off slide

Select everything in slide and press Delete key.

4. Add rulers

Show rulers




5. Change x/y axis to 44 & -22

x = 44In order to have the proper aspect ratio for your videos, change the x/y axes to 44 & -22.


6. Drag an image from Finder to first slide

Slide 1, effect noneAfter dragging image to the first slide, click the blue Inspector icon and make sure the build-in effect is none.


7. Drag image to text over picture

Green credit card fraudI selected the picture in slide 1 and then pressed Cmd C to copy it into my Confetti effectclipboard.

I pressed Cmd V to paste it into slide 2.  Then I dragged the image to text picture on top of the original picture.  Within the inspector I used the Confetti effect for 0.5 seconds.

8. Add moving text

Text box 2At the end of the video you saw how it says  To create that text, I

  • Clicked on the Text icon,
  • Color iconChanged it to bold,
  • Selected individual words,
  • Clicked on the color icon and
  • Selected a color from the menu that showed up.

In this example it has the fly-in effect going from right to left for a duration of 5 seconds.

9. Hit Play button

Set ScreenFlow to record and click the Keynote Play button


Using Keynote is an important part of YouTube video production.  Spend lots of time selecting an image in a slide and then trying different Effects for different times.  One at a time, select different images on a single slide and then play around with the order drop-down box.  Experiment with different Actions.

ScreenFlow features added

Click to Buy ScreenFlow NowNote that besides using Keynote, some ScreenFlow features were added to the video:


Buy presentation software

  • Download a copy and/or learn more here
  • As of this post, the price was $19.99
  • Google search “how buy and download apple keynote”
  • End up in the iTunes store and can download the program
  • Make sure you do not purchase cheaper version
  • It is meant for the Mac desktop, iPad and



Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Video Making, How to Create an Effective Video

Excavator page under construction


___ steps to making the credit card fraud video

Watch the credit card fraud video and then study the steps to create it.  The points learned could be transferrable to the next YouTube video you create.

1. Use Google Trends to help create title 

Google Trends can give you statistics on what long-tail keywords will help the search engines find your video.

Use a title that will grab a person’s attention.  Make it short (less than 6 words).

I prefer that the most important long-tail keywords have between 10,000 & 100,000 monthly Google searches.  Garcinia cambogia has 823,000 searches.  Garcinia cambogia pills has 33,100 searches.  Credit card fraud has 12,100 monthly searches.

I did not do a very good job of search engine optimizing the title of the video.  I used credit card fraud in the YouTube description of the video.  At the end of the video, it suggests that people go to a web page named Garcinia cambogia pills.

You can see a video of the title on this blog post.

2. Show image of offending ad for several seconds

This will quickly set the stage for the next image.  I used it for 5 seconds.

3. Display image in title

Green credit card fraudUse image to text to display the image from step 2 within the letters.  Search for significant parts of the image to display within the words.

4. Use another eye-catching image

Pay a small amount of money to find unusual eye-catching images.  You are competing with a huge number of web pages for attention.  To make your images stand out, they must be different and they must make people stop and look.

Fat woman in pink ladyThe photo of the obese woman grabs people’s attention.  It is a good place to display moving text using Keynote.

Visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.  So, before displaying the moving text, it is better marketing to have a visual show up.

This image shows up in the YouTube video below.







Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Image to Text, Tell a Story

Change a picture to text

Ski image to text

Suppose you were going to design a pamphlet for a ski resort.  Using the GIMP image to text system, you can display the text as a picture of the ski hill.

Image to text in 21 steps

  1. Open GIMP
  2. Open a new file with a white background.
  3. Click on text icon in toolbox.
  4. GIMP fontsLook at fonts in Tool Option panel.  Click on a thick one to select it.
  5. Key in word in black text
  6. Enlarge it but make sure some white space is around it.
  7. Crop it
  8. Right-click in the Layers panel and select New Layer
  9. Make sure you select Transparency and click OK
  10. S K I checkersRight-click again in the Layers panel and click Merge Down. (This allows you to erase.  Where the checkers appear beneath the picture, a transparent area has been created.)
  11. Fuzzy select toolClick the Fuzzy Select Tool.
  12. As you click on each letter and then press the Delete key, the black letter will disappear and become transparent.
  13. Download the background photo.  Make sure the width matches the width of the text.
  14. Click on the text image and press Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard.
  15. Press Cmd V in your background picture and move the text to the ideal position.
  16. Click on the background picture so that your text is anchored.
  17. Select a rectangle around the text.  Make sure you have enough white space.
  18. Click Image > Crop to Selection.
  19. Save your new image with a descriptive name.
  20. Export it as a PNG file into your Pictures folder.
  21. Go to your Pictures folder and double click on the name of your new image.

It is ready for you to use in your promotion.

If you had trouble following those 21 steps, watch the YouTube video again.

Image to text with Photoshop

Here’s how to change image to text to a photo with Photoshop.



Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Voice Clips and Music in Your Video


Soften music while voice clips play

Colorful musical design

This blog post explains how to add voice clips into a video using ScreenFlow.  Then you will get free music from YouTube.  The music will soften while the other sound clips play.

Creating proper voice clips in 8 steps

The points below are a quick overview. For more precise instructions for editing voice clips, watch the video above.

    1. Type script into a computer file
    2. Make audio recording of that script
    3. Make ScreenFlow recording of many non-audio features of the video
    4. Split voice clips to delete silent partCopy & paste audio recording into non-audio video
    5. Delete silent part between each voice clip.
    6. Align each voice clip below the corresponding video clip
    7. Make sure there is at least one second between voice clips.  You have to give the viewer time to process the information.
    8. Slider 2Adjust the speed with the Clip Inspector or else use the Slider to make sure video clip corresponds optimally to each sound bite.

Adding music to YouTube video

Find free music in 7 steps

  1. Genre Mood Audio LibraryClick on the help button at the bottom of your YouTube dashboard
  2. Search for free music
  3. Use the get music from audio library option to find the audio library.
  4. Click on Genre and then Mood to find a selection of possible candidates
  5. For instance, if your video is aimed at the general public and happens to have a happy theme, your genre & mood could be pop and happy
  6. Click on the triangle to the left of each selection to hear as much as you want.
  7. Download credit musicWhen you find the selection you want, download it into your download folder using the down arrow.  (If the line has an icon of a man, you must credit the person in your video description.)

Soften the music in 8 steps

  1. Highlight sound clips that are to remain loudHighlight sounds that are to remain loud
  2. Click on audio properties button
  3. Check ducking box
  4. Move ducking slider to the appropriate number.  (I chose 19).
  5. Audio ActionsClick Action > OK
  6. Highlight music clip
  7. Change volume and click Action > OK.  (I chose 48.)
  8. Watch your video and note how the volume softens whenever there is a voice clip.

Click to Buy ScreenFlow Now

This page promoted in social media

Film Reel Directors ChairThe picture on the right is used to brand this page.  It is used in each of the 7 social media posts below.

The first 3

Click on the link to see how I promoted this blog using Facebook, Twitter & Google+.  In each case it will be the post with the branding picture.  Note that the picture may be grayed out using GIMP to make the text more prominent.


This YouTube video is the same one that you can see above.  I use the video as a guide for creating the social media posts below.

Corresponding Pinterest pin

Voice Clips Pinterest



To get started making a SlideShare presentation, I usually use the Keynote slides I used for creating my YouTube video.

The YouTube presentation has a different aspect ratio.  In Keynote I go across to 44 and down to -22.  For a SlideShare presentation, I go across to 50 and down to 40.
To find all of the blog posts about SlideShare, go to the appropriate menu.


usually is the past social media post I make.  The post corresponding to this page can be found here.






Don’t have a Mac?

You need a Mac to use ScreenFlow. If you are serious about wanting to create video, make sure your next desktop computer purchase is a Mac.


Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Shapes to Emphasize a Point in a Video

Using shapes in ScreenFlow

Shapes Yellow road lines white arrowsYou might want to use an arrow, a box or some other shapes when explaining things in a video.  Watch the above YouTube video to see what I mean.  That solid shape can do lots to drive home a point.

Adding solid shapes to ScreenFlow videos in 8 steps

To begin adding solid shapes to your video, open up the video in ScreenFlow.  Then

Solid shapes panel

  1. Click on the shapes icon.
  2. Click on the plus sign.
  3. Select one of the 5 shapes.  (Let’s start with the box.)
  4. Draw a box around something you wish to emphasize.  (In the sample in the above video, it is the number 23.)
  5. If it’s too fat, reduce its thickness.
  6. Click the outer top perimeter of the color icon to change the color.
  7. Experiment with moving the shapes around, changing direction and changing the opacity.
  8. Every time you want to add a shape, click the plus sign and then one of the 5 shape icons.

After you read this, watch the above video and start practicing.

Related web pages

Magnifying glass over map

This YouTube video show how to make a magnifying glass move over a map.  Looking through the magnifying glass, that portion of the map will appear larger.

Adding effects to the mouse pointer

This YouTube video explains effects like:

  • Every time you hit the mouse a red ring pops up around the pointer to let people watching the video know that you clicked the mouse.
  • Increase and decrease the size of the pointer to make it clearer for viewers to see.
  • Change the opacity of the pointer which makes it lighter or darker – very handy if you’re doing a video on a dark background.
  • Change the shape of the pointer to either a light circle, dark circle, square or your own custom shape.

Tools to enhance your videos

Watch this SlideShare presentation for tips on what you can use to make your marketing videos more effective.








Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Editing Video to Make Minor Changes

Modifying a YouTube video

Occasionally you may go into one of your old blog posts and see an error.  Perhaps a point on one of your YouTube videos has become obsolete.  Editing video using the points below may be your best option.

editing video Movies reels orange


Editing video in 18 steps

  1. Look at your video on the YouTube website.  Write down the date on a scrap of paper.
  2. Configure ScreenFlow so that you will be recording the computer audio.
  3. Start recording your computer screen.
  4. Open your video to full screen mode and record it in its entirety.
  5. Start editing video and upload it to YouTube.
  6. Right-click on your new video and copy the embed code into your clipboard.
  7. Find the old video on your web page.
  8. Memorize the 5 or so words above it.
  9. Open the page in edit view.
  10. View it in text mode.
  11. Press Cmd F to find those 5 words you memorized. (In the example the words are “screen at the same time”. As soon as “screen at” is entered, text right above the old embed code is highlighted in green.)
  12. Delete the old embed code and press Cmd V to add the new.
  13. Make sure you have the ideal width and height for your page.  (I usually use 660 x 371 pixels.)
  14. Update your post.
  15. View your post.
  16. Check out the updated YouTube video on the post.
  17. Go into the YouTube website and find the video from the date you wrote down on scrap paper.
  18. Delete the video.

Related pages

iPhone videos

iPhone in hand 2The Trancappuccino website has a video entitled How to Transfer iPhone Video Files to Your Mac Computer to Edit in ScreenFlow.  If you have an iPhone, watch it.

Online Course

Grumo Media has a SlideShare presentation entitled How to Create an Online Course in 60 Minutes.  The idea is to create instructions on something you are very good at.  Then sell it online or give it away in a squeeze page.

Sample squeeze page

Below is a mockup of a sample squeeze page. As you can see, it is very simple. Remember, more is less. It has

  • An eye-catching headline that makes people want to read more.
  • A few pictures to help tell the story.
  • A minimum amount of text to tell the story.
  • A place for the visitor to leave their name & email address.

Click on the graphic now.  You will see how the original squeeze page also has a video.


Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


How to Add an MP4 Video within a Video

Special effects using an MP4 video

This tiny tutorial will show you how to have a picture of a computer screen within your video.  The computer will be showing an MP4 video.  So, you will be having an MP4 video within a video.

MP4 video within video in 7 steps

Export to MP4 video
1. Using ScreenFlow, create the video that will be playing within the computer screen.

2. Export it onto your desktop as an MP4 file.

mp4 video Mac computer Empty screen3. Using GIMP, delete the inside of the picture of a computer.

4. Save it as a PNG file and drag it into a Keynote slide.

5. Drag your MP4 file from your computer desktop to the same Keynote slide.Click to Buy ScreenFlow Now

6. Size it to fit inside the computer screen.

7. Edit using ScreenFlow and upload to YouTube.

Value-added email marketing


Click on the image to go to the post about value-added email marketing.

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Business video service

Learn about a new business video service that allows anyone with a business email address to sign up and upload, share, and tag videos in their organization.   Read about it on the Windows Central website.

MP4 player

The WikiMedia pages say: The name MP4 player is a marketing term for inexpensive portable media playersRead more.

MP4 file

An MP4 file is a file that can contain both video and audio. Videos shared on the Internet usually have an MP4 extension.

The YouTube video below explains what an MP4 file is. There are examples of how MP4 files can be used.

 This file name may have gone by too quickly: Click on it to see it now.

The video also tells you to go to this link:

drop down  drop downFacebook logo


Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.