Facebook Group

Definition of Facebook Group

The Whatis website says that “a Facebook group is a page created for an organization or business to promote activities. Users can join the group and post their thoughts on a wall and interact through discussion threads.”

A Facebook Group is an excellent way of using social media to get dialogue going around a particular topic. For instance, the Yellow Vests Canada is a group designed to share information about the members’ dissatisfaction with the sitting Liberal government.

See the example below.

Yellow Vests Canada Facebook group

The image above accompanied this story:

The CBC reports that the First Nations bands are trying to block the Eagle Spirit pipeline that would move Alberta natural gas from Dawson Creek to Kitimat.

That’s a lie.

Stephen Buffalo, the President/CEO of the Indian Resource Council, was asked why First Nations wanted to spearhead a pipeline through their land. He said he wants to see people working instead of living on handouts.

Every single First Nations band along the proposed pipeline route has signed an agreement to let the pipeline go through their land. That includes the Wet’sywet’en band.

There is a corporation largely funded by white people called the Office of the Wet’sywet’en Society (OWS). They are trying to stop the pipeline. The CBC has told the Canadian public that a First Nations band is blockading the pipeline. That’s a lie.

The OWS is not a First Nations band. It is a company that fraudulently receives money from our government.

Learn much more about this story at bit.ly/fakepipelinenews.

This was an important story to post to the Yellow Vests Canada group. It helped to further their cause.

Within days of this post first appearing , it had 1527 Shares.

Creating a Facebook Group post

When posting to a Facebook Group, remember this:

  • Make sure your facts are accurate.
  • Don’t use vulgar language or say other things that make you sound unprofessional.
  • Use photo editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP to create an eye-catching image.
  • Create an emotion-catching headline that really grabs people’s attention.








How to Add an Animated GIF to Facebook

Animated GIF & then text

FacebookThis post discusses how you can insert two different types of animated GIFs into Facebook. In a nutshell, to add your animated GIF, you first of all paste the URL of the GIF into Facebook. Then you add a few spaces and type in your text.

We first discuss free animated GIFs and then animated GIFs that you create.

Free animated GIFs 

  1. Go to a website such as giphy.com and select an animated GIF you like.
  2. Select URL in address bar.
  3. Cmd C to copy into clipboard.

Animated GIFs you created

  1. Add Media button, & Upload Files button
  2. Drag GIF from Finder
  3. Click Insert Into Post
  4. Select text near GIF
  5. FacebookLook at page in Text mode
  6. There will be a URL near text you selected
  7. Select URL & Cmd C to copy into clipboard.
  8. Click Update button to save all your work.

Create Facebook post

  1. Open FacebookFacebook
  2. Cmd V to paste URL
  3. Add a few spaces
  4. Type text
  5. Click Post button.

You’re finished

Watch the YouTube video below to help you understand every point above.







Treason, Revealing That Important Information on Social Media

This page is under construction

A petition regarding treason

treasonThere is a petition going around Canada demanding that the RCMP arrest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for treason. Emails & social media send people to the Petitions24 website. The main web page begins with the 4 paragraphs below.

Justin Trudeau, with the Liberal government, has conspired with known terrorist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros to sell Canada’s Syrian migrant policy to 13 undisclosed countries. Soros’s (Open Society Foundation) role on the world stage is: fund regime change and/or destabilize nations, fund terrorism and import unvetted Islamic economic migrants infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists under the false pretense of “refugee”.  Trudeau and Soros have just increased migrant entry from 25000-50000+ per year. In 2 more years there will be an army inside the border. 

Considering Canada and “western” nations have been at war with radical Islamic terrorists since 9/11, the Liberal government actions constitute HIGH TREASON (section 1B,1C) and TREASON (section 2A-2E) as defined in the criminal code of Canada and is punishable with life in prison.

This has nothing to do with race or racism. It is about an immigration policy mirrored in europe which is now openly admitted to be a dangerous failure and still… Trudeau has brought it home to you.

The Trudeau Liberals have legislated similar migrant policy, hate speech laws, sharia blasphemy laws, and political correctness as Sweden. Swedish women and children are now suffering the most brutal and violent sexual assaults at the hands of Radical Islamic terrorists. These laws have rendered the police and the male citizens powerless to stop these vicious attacks due to risk of imprisonment. This will be the Trudeau/Soros legacy in Canada should you choose to ignore this issueRead more.

The world is getting better

treasonWatch the TED talk called Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers.

The statistics tell us that the world’s people are becoming more literate, working shorter hours, enjoying more electricity & running water and enjoying much less homicide. The human race is becoming healthier, wealthier, wiser, safer & healthier.

Let’s keep it that way in Canada & get rid of our prime minister.

How to get the message out

The list below gives links on how to use various social media to get this petition message out:




What are we trying to prevent?

Before Justin Trudeau became prime minister, our budget was balanced and our grandchildren could look forward to good future. Trudeau has given billions of our tax dollars to foreign entities such as the Clinton Foundation and an Aga Khan Afghanistan charity. We have to pay for that with increased taxation.

Watch the YouTube videos below to get an idea of the type of immigrant his policies will bring into Canada.

Becoming a Palestinian Bomber
Heritage of the Palestinians


Within Pinterest, the Source When Pinning to Pages & Boards

New pins on boards & within pages

within PinterestWhen pinning a new pin for the first time, it is best to source your pin from within Pinterest. You want to let Pinterest know how popular your new pin is.

So, do not add the pin to additional pages from you image library. Do not pin it to different boards from your web page. In both cases, repin it from within Pinterest.

In the example on this post, the URL is https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/597782550517180719/.

How to embed Pinterest pins within a page

1. Pinterest pin URL

Go to pinterest.com & find the pin you with to embed. Click on it so that it is full screen. Cmd C to copy URL into clipboard.

2. Add specialized code within Pinterest

  • If you are not there already, go to the Pinterest widget builder.
  • Click on the Pin widget link.
  • Cmd V to paste pin URL (see image below.)
  • Choose desired pin size.
  • Add this code on the page you wish the pin to appear:<a data-pin-do=”embedPin” data-pin-width=”large” href=”https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/597782550517180719/”></a>. Note: It must be added in Text View.
  • Include pinit.js once per page, just before the closing </BODY> tag: <script async defer src=”//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js”></script>.


The above instructions will produce the pin below.



Text view: As I’m creating this post, I’ve become aware of a bug in the software. In case you have the same bug, let me give you a workaround.

The code that gives the Pinterest pin must be inserted in Text View. Visual view will not work. Then you save it & view your post. If you edit the same post in visual view, the bug will delete the code.

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How to Promote Amazon Ebooks Cheaply

Promote my ebook at no cost

I came across an article called 50 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Promote Your Book. My ebook has  been written already. I’ve tried to promote it and I ran out of money. So, I’m taking every free item from that list to promote my book. As I complete them, I’ll enter them on this blog post. I’ll start with YouTube videos below.



YouTube videos

I already own a program called ScreenFlow. I used it to create YouTube videos to promote my ebook. Watch two of them below.

Notice that there is no narration. Rather there is printed text accompanied by strong music.

To find lots of free music:

  • Go to youtube.com,
  • Click on your profile picture,
  • Click help,
  • Search for “free music”,
  • Click on “get music from the audio library”,
  • Click on “audio library”,
  • Click on black triangle on left to hear the music and then
  • Click on click on down arrow on right to download into your downloads folder.

Notice that the CTA (call to action) at the end of my videos remains static for about 20 seconds. That is so that people have time to write down the call to action before being taken to someone else’s video.

Facebook page

I made an online search for how to create a Facebook page and followed instructions.

After you have begun to create your Facebook page, you will get an email from Facebook giving you tips on making a good page.

For the profile picture, I used the book cover. (Went to fiverr.com to get a cheap cover created.)

I used GIMP to create a 851 x 315 pixel image.  It is the collage of people you see below. They have disabilities to match the theme of my ebook. Notice how it includes the web address.

This is the web address of my brand new Facebook page. I shared it with 128 of my Facebook friends and asked them to Like it. Ten of them did “like” it.


Twitter allows people to have animated GIFs with their tweets. So, I will use one I created with ScreenFlow as a model for a new one. I need a new one because the ideal size of a Twitter image is twice as wide as it is high.

Then I’ll leave a message that links to the main page promoting the ebook. Below is tweet I made along with the animated GIF that was beneath it.

Comment on threads in Facebook groups


You will get better results if you have private & closed Facebook groups. The members are similar to each other in that they all have the same interests. The people within the group will comment, share and help each other. They ask questions and answer other members’ questions. They are a community of people working together to help their shared interests come to fruition.

How to find & join the right Facebook group

  1. Make a Facebook search for the topic in which you are interested.
    1. In my case, I’m interested in serving customers with disabilities. So, I searched for people interested in customer service and disabilities. I found a group that I had joined about 3 months previous and completely forgotten about.
    2. The group is called Disability Visibility Project.
    3. I read their about section and decided this group would be a perfect match for me.

Before discussing this group, here’s a tip that did not work for me but it might work for you. While you are at the new group Facebook group page, you will see information in the right-hand column about related groups. It may be a good idea to also join some of the related groups. In my case the only related group was one I had started myself.

However, I made a post asking for advice in getting my message out. Someone sent me a link to the Michiana Disability Advocacy & Support Facebook support group.

How to promote your business within a Facebook group

  1. Start answering questions so that group members will begin to notice you.
    1. For my first post, I read that someone from New Zealand wanted to know about the top disability issues from around the world. So, I replied by posting a YouTube video about Michael Haines (author of the ebook I’m promoting).
  2. Ask some questions yourself.
  3. Give people an easy to to check out your business. In my case, I’ll subtly mention my ebook often. The title is How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. Importantly, I let them know that the corresponding website is howtoservecustomerswithdisabilities.com.
  4. Talk about your successes.

For more details about the above 4 points, go to the corresponding YouTube video.

Second post

My second post on the group page about disabilities is below.



















For my third post, I searched for the word “inclusion”. I knew that is a word used by people with disabilities. They want to be more included with the mainstream.

I found a post with that word. I replied to it with this reply.


When I made my fourth post I was in a hurry. I posted it as a reply to someone else’s post. I had not read that post closely enough.

Later I got a message from the moderator saying  that she had deleted the post because it was not related to the post to which I replied.

I learned a good lesson: Always read over the posts carefully.

Unhappy ending

The moderator must have realized what I was doing. My publishing privileges have been revoked.


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How to Set Up Twitter Ads (with Examples)

My first ad

Twitter adsAfter setting up the appropriate website and listing the product on Amazon, I decided to try my luck with a series of Twitter ads.

The product is an ebook on Amazon. There is more about the ebook below.

There is more about setting up Twitter ads elsewhere in this website. I will be setting up multiple Twitter ads. This blog post will give you information about how I set up each of those ads.

Breaking down the ad

I logged into my Twitter account appropriate for this ad. (I have several Twitter accounts on different subjects.)

For this series of ads, I will be using the Kelowna Virtual Assistant handle (Kva7k).

Below is a breakdown of the various components of the ad you see above.

1. Image

It is just plain silly to have a Twitter ad without an image. I rarely even have any tweet without an image. An image draws attention to the tweet and helps explain what it is all about. Remember that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Twitter adsIf your width and height are not in the proper proportions (2:1), part of your image will be cropped.

See the Photo Resizer blog post to learn more about how to create a properly proportioned Twitter image.

2. Hashtags

Twitter adsThe purpose of the this ad will be to sell an ebook called How to Serve Customer with Disabilities. People use hashtags to find tweets about a particular subject.

Our title is about 2 subjects: customer service & disabilities. So, my two hashtags are #CustomerService & #disabilities.

In order to find how good a hashtag is, I go to hashtagify.me and search for it. Among other things, I find its popularity.

In Hashtagify, popularity is a 0-100 rating relative to the most popular hashtag on Twitter. The most popular hashtag will get 100.  A hashtag that is never used would get 0.

The popularity of #customerservice & #disabilities are 67 and 53.5 respectively. Those numbers suggest to me that the two hashtags I chose will help me to get more tweet views.

See the Twitter Hashtags blog post to learn more about how to use & create Twitter hashtags.

3. CTA terms

It’s a good idea to use CTA (call to action) terms. Each of my 2 sentences began with Learn more about. The type of visitor who will be interested in the two main subject matters (customer service & disabilities) will be wanting to learn more.

4. A relative, informative website

The tweet sends the visitor to howtoservecustomerswithdisabilities.com.

5. Training manual

This short tweet gives an extra very short descriptive term for the ebook — training manual.

6. Please retweet

The end of the tweet says Pls RT. That’s a generally accepted abbreviation for please retweet. When a tweet is retweeted, expect more people to see it.

Creating Twitter ads

An unadvertised tweet will be seen by a limited number of people. To make sure lots of people see it, use Twitter ads to sent people to the tweet.

1. Profile picture

Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of our Twitter page and click on Twitter ads.


2. Create campaign

Click Create Campaign at the top.

3. Website clicks

Click on the Website Clicks or Conversions box.

4. Budget

Set a daily budget (I chose $3/day because I’m just starting) and time.

5. Next

Click Next in the upper right-hand corner and fill in all blanks. Remember that the one thing that matters most on Twitter is Twitter Engagement. That is when someone interacts with the content you post on Twitter. More.

  • Give a Group name (I chose Disabilities)
  • If you’re on a tight budget, select a time frame
  • As an experiment, I chose Maximum Bid of 10 cents. This is much less than the Recommended Range. But, I’m experimenting to see what happens. You’ll learn all about it in this blog post when the analytics come in.
  • Click Next & select your tweet.
  • For the category there a total of 25 main categories with 350 sub-topics from which to choose. I want Customer Service. It’s a toss up between that and Disabilities.                                                                                                                                   So, next time I’ll have a very similar tweet with the category related to Disabilities.                                                                                                                                                                                I found that the best way to see all of the sub-topics was to press Cmd F then the letter “a”. Next I used “b”. I went through all of the letters of the alphabet trying to find a sub-topic that was close to Customer Service or Disabilities.                                                                                                           I could not find one. That’s okay. This is used by our supply partners within the Twitter Audience Platform to determine which Ads will show in their sites. This does not affect targeting.

6. Audience, Gender, Age Range & Location

  • I left the audience space blank
  • Chose Any Gender
  • Age Range of 25 and up
  • Location — I wrote the first few letters of a country and selected Add to enter countries under Locations. Countries were Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia & India.
  • Using the same system I entered English in the same box. It appeared under Languages.
  • For Audience Features I typed in Health and selected Health News & General Info. Also typed in Business & selected Marketing.
  • Clicked Next and saw parameters of ad. To make changes, click in left-hand column.



Within minutes of the ad being launched, I had received 2 link clicks.


The 4 Ps of marketing

The 4 Ps of marketing are

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion

In order for effective advertising to occur, it is necessary to pay close attention to each of the Ps.

1. Product

My own personal bias is that I must sell high quality or nothing. In the past I’ve had too many problems when the quality was lower than I had thought it was.

Twitter adsIn this web post’s example, the product is an ebook being sold on Amazon. Specifically, it is a training manual to train customer service staff how to serve customers who have mental or physical disabilities. (See it on Amazon.)

I man with cerebral palsy, a nurse and I  wrote the book together. We were very diligent, going over every sentence very carefully. Many sections were gone over multiple times. We wanted to create a highly effective training manual. Judging from the testimonials we got, we succeeded in doing that.

2. Place

I’m promoting it on Twitter. That social media works all over the world and it is easy to deliver digital products all over the world. So, I’ll be using Twitter advertising to promote it to the major English speaking countries: United States, Canada, UK, Australia & India.

3. Price

Ebooks are cheap on Amazon. I recently bought a 250 page ebook for $9.99. People expect to get them cheap.

I’ll be having 3 different prices, $2.99, $4,99 & $9.99. I’ll run each one for a week. I will not start counting the first week until I have sold 100 ebooks.

Then I will see which of the prices is the most profitable.

4. Promotion

Step #1 — Create a persuasive website that has all of the important information people would want to know.

Step #2 — Get the product listed on Amazon.

Step #3 —  Create highly effective Twitter advertising. That’s what most of this blog post is about.



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Scam Artist

The setup

If someone you admire and respect sends you an email or text message and asks you to send money by Western Union, they are likely an impostor. They go online to Facebook or anywhere else where they can get an idea of the person’s lingo, interests you have in common, etc.

Then they contact you using that information, saying wonderful things about you and saying that for whatever reason, you have a large amount of money waiting for you. All you have to do is send them about $800 USD to cover whatever expenses they think up.

These people are likely from a foreign nation with a few helpers other countries. They do it so slickly that it is virtually impossible to ever catch them.

Below is one example of this type of scam.

Text messages from scam artist are in italics.

On August 16 someone saying he/she was well-know television personality Patricia King contacted my wife using Facebook messaging. She/he ask if my wife was going to a particular 10-day conference in North Battleford.

My wife said that we could not afford it. He/she said that he/she would help pay for it.

We finally decided that we would pay the first $500 and Patricia would pay the rest. He/she went along with that.

We booked accommodations paying $500 down.

Aug.18, 8:20 am — He/she send us her personal assistant’s email address (meredithharperr@gmail.com) and said we should contact Meredith.

Later we got an email from someone claiming to be Meredith, Patricia’s personal assistant. One thing that stood out was that she had very poor communication skills. We were totally unimpressed with her personal assistant skills.

She wanted us to send Patricia $500 so that she could pay for all of our accommodation bill. That was sort of weird but we brushed it off to Meredith’s incompetence. We did not send the money.

Sept.8 @ 9:07 am — Reopened contact. He/she said has something to share and my wife should give here email. Said she has something to share “woman to woman.”

Scam continues Sept. 11 @ 9:25 am

Message from scam artist at 914-348-1981:

Monday, 5:46 pm — Text back if this gets through to you. This is Patricia King.

Am happy for you as you can’t imagine what a fortune has come into your life now until money gets to you or in your bank account. Did I mention how much was involved in this?

Don’t let that blow your mind, Linda. God has seen all you have been regarding his kingdom building and has this a medium of showing you his blessings.

A whooping sum of $630,001 is what we talk about here and less I forget I will like you to give to orphans and widows 10% of total money when it gets to you finally okay.

Yes at all time God has been faithful to his people who serve him diligently and in obedience to his words.

God knows your heart and his willing and able to make all things new again okay.

You should be giving the email to reach that banker who is in charge of all my personal belongings with the bank Linda.

No I mean contact Hakan my bank officer.

He will be throne to help you facilitate transaction so that money could be deposited in your personal account.

I will let you have his email that’s what I said sister.

Been trying to lay hands on his office email.

But you could reach him over private email.


6:37 pm: You can just text him. Hopefully he will reply by morning.

I will need to rest okay love, feel free for I will let Hakan know that you are the one person that God picked for this and that takes care of everything am sure. Verification not an issue okay.

Around this point Hakan said that he needed some identification. He wanted her passport photo. So, my wife emailed him a photo of the inside of her passport including her passport photo and her passport number.

I will like you to pray in thanksgiving and be with a heart of expectation okay, God bless you.

Tue., 8:47 am — Morning beloved and feels good to hear from you this hour. Holy is the Lord.

9:09 am — Am here beloved.

Please do not let anyone see this apart from you and John okay.  He/she got husband’s name wrong. We did not pick up on that until later. We suspect a particular person named John may be involved with the scam.

9:25 am — You have a good heart that’s why it attracts this magnitude of blessings.

10:40 am — Let me speak with Hakan beloved. I will get back to you soonest.

Hakan said you could buy bitcoin if sending courier money is a stress.

11:50 am — But if bitcoin is confusing you could just send money for courier down and have your money sent to you.

Just send money to Hakan and let him courier full amount to you ASAP.

THE $840 I am talking about.

He already gave me his aids name for you to send money to via Western Union.

Here is Faith’s details. Faith is Hanan’s assistant.

First name: Nozipho
Middle name: faith
Last name:sibiya
City: Waterbury State
Connecticut, USA

11:59 am — Amen beloved, yes this is a blessing and must come to pass in Jesus name.

12:15 pm —Send me slip so I can forward to Hakan after payments.

1:09 pm — Linda sent photo of Western Union receipt by text message.

[$1140.47 CAD was sent via Western Union at 1:02 pm PDT.]


How to Add Content Using the Powerful Enfold Theme

Quick & simple Enfold theme

Once you catch on how to use the WordPress Enfold theme, you will very likely not want to go back to anything else. It makes web design so quick & simple. You just use Layout Elements to create your columns. Then you drag & drop your content & media elements into the columns.

YouTube video

To understand this blog post, you have to follow the corresponding YouTube video. Pause the video frequently and takes notes.

Getting started with a new page

Enfold themeAfter you have clicked the New link and opened a brand new page or post, add a headline and then click Advanced Layout Editor.

Enfold themeClick Layout Elements tab, decide how many columns you want and drag the appropriate element down to an area that turns green. (See the 25 second point in the video.)

Note from January 2019

If you are having trouble dragging & dropping, it could be because of a WordPress update that included Gutenburg. I would drag an Enfold element down and the screen would suddenly turn white. It was impossible to drop the element where I wanted.

The solution was to install and activate a plugin called Classic Editor. Now I can drag & drop perfectly.

28 seconds 

Click clone icon to make another column.

32 seconds

From Content Elements, drag Text Box into a column. You are allowed to drop the element after the area turns green. At that point lift finger of mouse button.

37 seconds

Drag Image element into column 2.

41 seconds

Click on column 1. Highlight text. Change it to your new text. I like to change my Font Size to 20. Then I scroll up and click Colors tab. I define custom colours and then click on the lower right-hand corner of the colour square to change it to a dark black. Click Save to exit column 1.

1:03 Make sure image size is OK

Enfold themeClick in column 2 to add image. Before downloading, make sure you have a size that is appropriate.

1:46 Adding HTML code

The ad in a freewebdesign.club website is represented as a widget. That means that it is a bit of computer code that presents the same ad on every page or post in the website.

    • Dragged a 2-column layout element to blank space below the last entry.
    • Clicked Clone icon create 2nd column.
    • Dragged Code Block content element into 1st column.
    • Dragged Image media element into 2nd column.
    • Clicked Insert & Save
    • Went into a freewebdesign.club page in edit view and clicked on Appearance > Widgets
    • Clicked Custom HTML
    • Select HTML code & Cmd C to copy into clipboard

Enfold theme

  • Clicked Code Block in website I was working on
  • Clicked Save
  • In page view same ad shows up only image is beside text

3:14 Inserting a video

  • Insert a one-column layout element
  • Drag Video media element into column
  • Click Video
  • Insert Video
  • Open Finder
  • Drag MP4 file from folder
  • Insert
  • Save
  • Update
  • View Page
  • Watch video

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How to Create a Short Video with a Powerful Message

Your problem

short videoHere’s your problem: The shorter the YouTube video, the more people will watch it. So, how do you make a short video that includes all of your very important message?

The solution

Start by having a web page that presents your message quite succinctly. Then, using different words, write the succinct message in a way that can be presented in your short video.

Wherever possible, express your idea with an image instead of a words. Integrate your succinct message into your video.

At the end of the video, write out the URL of the web page. Show it statically for about 20 seconds so that your video doesn’t quickly change to your competition’s video.

An Example

short videoI was promoting an ebook called How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. It is an ebook that is available on Amazon.

I had previously written the succinct description of the ebook below.

You may be trying to serve customers with

  • Down syndrome,
  • A wheelchair,
  • Vision problems,
  • Hearing problems,
  • Dexterity issues,
  • Memory problems
  • Or any of a wide variety of disability issues.

How to Serve Customers with Disabilities will help you make these customers feel more included. Often people with disabilities can feel marginalized. What you will learn in this training manual can help you make these people feel like returning to your business.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of this page, the description above is included in the short video along some appropriate images. Note that the URL of the web page remains for around 20 seconds.

After I was finished the video, I posted it on this Facebook page along with a few words of explanation.

Free online course for making a short video

short videoGo to 7 Day YouTube for guidance on how to make your short video.

(The repeating video here is called an animated GIF. Learn how to make them.)


Watch my short video

How to Market Your Amazing Ebook on Amazon

The problem

There are well over 6 million ebooks available for sale on Amazon. When people search for the topic of your book, how will they even find it among so many books?

Here is the cover of my ebook. I was asked to choose two categories in which the ebook belonged. I chose Disabilities and Customer Service.

When people choose either of those categories, I want my title to be listed near the top. It is very much like wanting to be on page 1 of Google.

Below are some of the tricks I used to market my book.

How I launched and promoted my ebook in 13 steps

1. Pre-launch on Twitter

Before I even put the ebook up for sale on Amazon, I created the tweet below.


The tweet reads: I’m launching a new ebook called How to Serve Customers with . It’s a training manual. Reply to this tweet if you want early access to Amazon’s 5-day free ebook promotion.

If people do reply, I will send them a  link to where on Amazon they can get a free ebook. At the end of chapter 1 there will be a request for a review on Amazon. The request will include the link image below.


Having lots of reviews helps a book get closer to the top of the search list.

2. Create website

Before starting the 5-day promotion mentioned below, make sure you have a high-quality website. (See example.) You home page ideally will make people want to see the book. Try to make sure there is a testimonial page.

3. Publish book

Go here for instructions on how to publish an ebook.

One thing that can hold you up while trying to publish is not completing the tax information. I’m a Canadian living in Canada. So, I went to https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/taxpayer-identification-numbers-tin to get a tax identification number (TIN).

I finally completed the Tax Information Interview and filled in the radio button below.

Then I was taken to another page where I checked the form and clicked the Exit Interview button.

That took me back to a KDP Amazon page where I was told that I had completed the required tax documents.

I returned to the Jumpstart web page and clicked on #3, Write Your Book Description.

On scrap paper I jotted down all of the information I gleaned using Jumpstart. This included a “yes” for DRM and the categories. (Mind you, I could not use the categories I had chosen. They were not in the list.)

Then I went to this web page for pretty good uploading instructions.

This page is where you can check to make sure you HTML manuscript and cover have been uploaded properly.

If you read the Kindle Create PDF file mentioned below, you will realize that there are 3 types of books. For a book with lots of images, this is the best way to make your ebook uploadable:

  • Make a PDF file of the ebook, check it very carefully to make sure the links work & the images are in the right place.
    • Check every page, especially to make sure that no titles are on the bottom line.
    • If there are shortcomings, fix them in the DOC file and make a new PDF file.
  • Use Kindle Create to change that PDF file into a KC folder.
    • Make sure the pictures are attached properly.
  • AmazonWhen you click Publish, Kindle Create produces a publishable file (.kpf) that you can submit to KDP. (The .kpf file is only used for publishing; the .kcb file is used for updates.)
  • Upload the ebook to Amazon.
  • To learn much more about Kindle Create, study this PDF file.
  • AmazonNote that the KCB file mentioned above is in the KC folder.
  • After you finish publishing, hover over the In Review text. You will get the text shown below. That means you are finished and you can relax.Amazon



  • After the 72 hours is up, you can stop relaxing and start marketing using the suggestions from this blog post.  (In my case, about 12 hours after I uploaded the ebook to Amazon, I received an email saying that the ebook was now listed and available for sale.)

4. Ask for reviews within book


Remember that may people will not finish a book. Also, remember that people are more likely to give reviews if you make it easy for them.

Combining those 2 ideas, the about Click button was inserted at the end of chapter 1. It has a link to https://www.amazon.com/review/create-review/ref=dpx_acr_wr_link/#.

Lots of positive reviews will help push your book closer to the top of the Amazon search engine. Keep in mind that they will not be able to leave a review unless they have spent at least $50 on Amazon in the previous year.

This was first started during the 5-day Free Book Promotion.

5. Five-day free ebook promotion

    1. Create a PDF file that has click buttons similar to the one in the article above. The purpose of this is to get more positive reviews on your ebook. That will help increase Amazon search engine rankings.
    2. Open Kindle Create and use the New Project from File to change the PDF file into several other files including  KCB file.
    3. Go to Amazon and search for the title of your book.
    4. Make sure you are signed in with your Amazon username & password.
    5. Go to Kindle Direct Publishing.


      1. In the right-hand column click on Non-fiction or whatever category your book is in.
      2. Click on Bookshelf in the horizontal menu.
      3. Click on Promote and Advertise next to the book you are trying to promote.
      4. Click Manage KDP Select Enrollment.
      5. Under Run a Price Promotion heading, click Free Book Promotion radio button
        1. Click Create a New Free Book Promotion button
        2. Choose start & end date.
          1. These dates are as of midnight Pacific time. So, if dates were set at Sept.2 to Sept.6, the promotion would run all day Sept.2,3,4,5, and 6 Pacific time.
          2. Scroll down and you will see that the promotion has been created.
KDP Select

Note: If you set up a free ebook promotion, you must have chosen KDP Select. That means you will be unable to sell the ebook on any other platform for about 3 months.

To enroll, go to the KDP Select page and scroll down to How to Enroll.


6. Ask Facebook friends


Create an eye-catching graphic. Beside it ask people to download the free ebook before the end of the 5-day promotion. Ask for review.


7. Blast to email address book

Create an email that explains your ebook and makes people want to share it. Starting with the letter “A”, start dragging select email addresses into the BCC section of the email. After the last address as been sent in, enter your own address into the email so that you can check the performance. Send it.

8. List on free ebook sites

Go to sites such as Reddit, Slickdeals, Mashable and Hongkiat to see if it is reasonable to add your free 5-day promotion to their website.

9. Search out teachers from Udemy

Go to the Udemy website to find what online classes are being taught in your subject area. Each time you find a class, look up the teacher. You may have to use both Facebook & LinkedIn.

Email them and ask them to contact their students to find a free copy of the ebook. Tip: Create a sample email so that it will be very easy for them to copy & paste it.

10. Notify links in your ebook

You most likely have links to other websites within your ebook. If so, write an email corresponding to each of the links.

For instance:


Please forward this to the appropriate person.

Page 36 of our new ebook, How to Serve Customers with Disabilities, has a link to one of your web pages: https://www.padraig.ca/blog/3773/goal-setting-worksheet/. Check it out: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=how+to+serve+customers+with+disabilities.

11. Contact free book groups on Facebook & Twitter

AmazonAmazonIn the Facebook & Twitter websites, search for free Kindle books and Twitter free ebook promotions respectively. Contact some of these groups and promote your 5-day free trial.

12. Thank people on Facebook

AmazonAmazonHave a graphic on Facebook along with a thank you to the people who have given reviews. Tell them how long the ebook will still be free. Go to Amazon’s Your Account > Your Orders to see if anyone has downloaded the free ebook. If so, mention that statistic also.

This will encourage other people to give reviews.

13. Pricing your ebook

Ebooks on Amazon are priced significantly lower than an equivalent paper book in a bookstore. If you price your book between $2.99 & $9.99 USD, you get a 70% royalty. Otherwise you get a 35% royalty.

So, the minimum I’m willing to charge for my book is $2.99 USD. The maximum is $9.99 USD.

After my 5-day free ebook period is over, I’m going to set the price at $2.99. I might make more money at a higher price. But, I want to get more volume so that it will have a higher ranking on the Amazon search engine.

The 2 categories of my book are physical impairments and customer relations. So, I will search Amazon Kindle books & look at prices of similar books in each of those categories.

The most common price for customer service is $9.99 USD. However, none of the ones on page one of the search engine mention physical impairments. Physical impairments is the main topic of the book.

However, when I searched for those categories, they were too broad. So, I searched using the keywords disabilities & customer service.

I’ll put more weight on the prices of books in the Disabilities category. There was one book on page one that covers both Disabilities and Customer Service. It was priced at $4.99 USD.

So, for the third week I will raise the price the price to $4.99. For the fourth week I will raise it to somewhere under $10.

Then I will chart profits for each of those 4 price points. The price with the highest profit will become the semi-permanent price.


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